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Humans are not the only creatures on earth that mined and seek for these precious minerals, insects, plants, and some micro-organisms tent to want to intergarte Possess control and influence with some of these nano minerals.

The potential use of hyperaccumulators and other plants for phytomining, precious minerals like nano gold, nano silver, nano copper and ORMUS. Also some of the precious metals can be extracted from precious metal eating bacteria in a process called bioleaching.












Some plants absorb ore compounds through their roots. They concentrate these compounds as a result of this. The plants can be burned to produce an ash that contains the ore compounds. This method of extraction is called phytomining. Some bacteria absorb ore compounds too. this is called bioleaching.


is the extraction of metals from their ores through the use of living organisms. This is much cleaner than the traditional heap leaching using cyanide.

Bioleaching uses bacterial microorganisms to extract precious metals, such as gold, from ore in which it is embedded. As an alternative to smelting or roasting, miners use bioleaching when there are lower concentrations of metal in ore and they need an efficient, environmentally responsible method. The bacteria feeds on nutrients in minerals, thereby separating the metal that leaves the organism's system; then the metal can be collected in a solution.

Bioleaching works because of how special microorganisms act on mineral deposits. They are a catalyst to speed up natural processes inside ore. The bacteria uses a chemical reaction called oxidation to turn metal sulphide crystals into sulfates and pure metals. These constituent parts of ore are separated into valuable metal and leftover sulphur and other acidic chemicals. Eventually, enough material builds up in the waste solution to filter and concentrate it into metal.


For some types of metal, such as copper, bioleaching is not always economically feasible or fast enough, even with its low cost. However, in certain areas of the world or with other metals, this simple, effective, and low cost method offers a smart choice. For example, developing countries often do not have the infrastructure or capital investment to begin smelting, yet their land contains enough ore that its extraction can significantly improve their national economy. One day we may use bioleaching to mine other metals, such as zinc and nickel, on the Moon.

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