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A botanical is a plant or plant part valued for its content medicinal or therapeutic properties, beneficial micro mineral and nano nutrients, A drug made from part of a plant, as from roots, leaves, bark, or berries. Also herbs, used as charms, and other religious or spiritual purposes. plants use to obtain higher levels of consciousness.)



The potential use of hyperaccumulators and other plants for phytomining, precious minerals like nano gold, nano silver, nano copper and ORMUS.

It is not by coincidence that many magical and medicinal plants are also great at phytomining and accumulating the quintessence of these exotic minerals.


Botanical medicine refers to using a plant's seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, ... Herbalism has a long tradition; Plants had been used for medicinal purposes .

Long before recorded history. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian papyrus writings describe medicinal uses for plants as early as 3,000 BC. Indigenous cultures (such as African and Native American) used herbs in their healing rituals, while others developed traditional medical systems (such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine) in which herbal therapies were used.


In the early 19th century, when chemical analysis first became available, scientists began to extract and modify the active ingredients from plants. Chemists began making their own version of plant compounds. Almost one fourth of pharmaceutical drugs are derived from botanicals. Unfortunately when extracting and modify the active ingredients in plants; Sides Effects occur. Whole herbs contain many ingredients, and they may work together to produce a beneficial effect. Nature helps protect us from many unwanted side effects

when using the whole plants. Many plants have other ingredients to balance the powerful compounds in the herbs.


Herbal Healing for the body, mind and spirit.

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